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Animal Cruelty-Take Action

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Animal cruelty..that’s what you can call it. You will be probably as angry and appalled as I am when I  learned that veterinary medications manufactured by Merial the maker of the flea medications such as- Frontline, Heartgard just to mention a few have been doing business with Liberty Research Inc the hideous heartless laboratory which PETA recently discovered and exposed cruelty to cats and dogs.

It’s a joke because this very company Merial claims to be “ passionate and caring about pets” has been funneling money where their workers drilled holes into dogs skulls and cats suffocated. I am sickened just writing about it. I cannot understand how people can be so cruel to defenseless animals. What is society coming too? This company must be exposed for what they are. Liars! How can they support such cruelty to innocent animals?

PETA is urging everyone to take action and write or call the parent company Boehringer Ingelheim, contact Hubertus von Baumbach, chair of the board of directors parent company demanding that they reconsider Merial’s  affiliation with Liberty Research.  How crazy is it that a company whose main object is to save animals lives- torture them!

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For more information please go on the PETA website listed below. Do it today…Do it now… these helpless animals need our voices.





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