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Stages of growth in your cats life

Have you ever wondered about the stage of growth your cat goes through? There are a few important stages in a cats growth. 1- You have the kitten stage where their just like infants relying on their mother for food and protection. Usually, around 4...

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Kids and fish as pets

 Kids are always fascinated with fish and the way they just seem to float in the water. Have you ever noticed how kids are drawn to a fish tank in a store or restaurant?   Fish can be great as a  pet because they’re the easiest to...

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How I give my cat medicine

It’s not easy giving medicine to your cat. But this is how I do it. If your veterinarian gives you a prescription for pills here is how I give my cat her pills. I crush the pill into a powder using two spoons.  If you...

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Herbs to treat your pets infection.

Have you noticed that your pet has the start of an infection? Here are two natural herbs that you can safely use for your sick pet. Herbs are natural and a great alternative to chemicals and medications. Of course, if the infection is serious then a...

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Do you you have overactive pet?

Do you have an overactive pet?  Well so do I. My Bella in the photo here is a large 115 lb Labrador who is extremely active. She is 5 years old and should be calming down-but I have discovered that’s is not accurate. Many labs remain...

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Dog names for male and female

Planning on getting a dog? Having trouble naming it? Dog names can be nerve wrecking attempting to find that perfect name. Well here are a few “tough names” male and female to help you out! I came across these names when I was visiting a Labrador...

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Merry Christmas

  I just wanted to take this time to send out to everyone a safe and very Merry Christmas. Whether you are traveling with your loved ones for the holiday or just hunkering down at home to a quiet day have a wonderful holiday. In...

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Chronic pet wounds

Chronic pet wounds can be worrisome and costly to the pet owner. And if you’re like me I don’t have the finances to keep running to the vet every few weeks.  So I did some research and found that Zymox Topical is the second best thing...

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Toys and Gadgets for your pet

Don’t leave your pet out of the gift giving process here are a few interesting gadgets that you will enjoy as well as your pet. If you have a dog or cat then your an animal lover and we love to spend time with our...

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Cats bad breath

Our pets all have bad breath and sometimes it can be overpowering, and like your pets counterparts humans, their bad breath is also caused by bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria build up is usually associated with tartar around your feline’s teeth. You can see...

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