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Are You A Cat Lover?

Are You A Cat Lover?   cats, felines, cat lovers, animal

There are thousands of animal lovers walking among us sometimes they give off signs while others move through their daily activities without saying a word.

Animal lovers are a special breed of people and I believe with a heart of gold!. But what makes one lean more toward a cat than a dog. Cat lovers are drawn to the felines independent disposition.

As pets, cats outnumber dogs by roughly 12 million according to a U.S survey. I was shocked when I read that being a dog lover!. It might be because of the animals low maintenance. There are very independent creatures.

Cats don’t need to be walked like dogs and some pet owners will let their felines out and when they’re done they come home. Although I don’t believe that’s healthy for the animal especially dealing with fleas and ticks and other wild animals roaming about. Cats can also be left alone for long hours at a time and as long as there is food and a clean litter box you’re good to go. Cats sleep a lot so that passes the time away so they don’t miss you much during that time. Unlike a dog who can lay near a door waiting for his/her master to arrive home…

Cats enjoy “ hunting, which is in their DNA climbing, scratching and hiding. And if you leave little treats in their toys they think they’re in paradise.Like a dog, the felines food is important to a cats health. Cat’s sense of taste isn’t that strong but cats will be drawn to smell and texture of the food.

That’s why feeding them kibble food with an aroma plus size and texture of the food will be more enjoyable for your cat.














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