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Pets And Their Manners


pets, behavior, dogs, mannersDoes your furry friend have bad manners?. Does he/she leave you a “ gift” when you arrive home?. Or does your adorable cute pup just keeps on chewing on your shoes, socks, or anything else your puppy can get into when you arrive home?

Most of the time the “mess” is more annoying than damaging however as your pet gets older it can lead to costly damage if not addressed while the animal is young. But don’t despair there is hope.

With the majority of pets, exercise is the key. Most behavior issues stem from boredom, just like their humans they want to be stimulated so take a 20-30 minute walk for most dogs that’s plenty.

Try playing ball in the backyard it’s fun and will burn some of your pet’s energy.

Get your water bottle and your dog and take a hike. The exercise is not only good for you but also your dog’s health.

Try stimulating your dog mentally by purchasing puzzles made for pets. They leave your animal feeling tired and satisfied plus it will give you some much needed time to yourself especially if you have a clingy dog.

Please leave your comments or tips if you have any.

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