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Pets & Walking

There has been research done that shows not only are pets great for our mental health but also our physical. When you take your dog out for a walk you’re also giving yourself some exercise.

Did you know that those walks can add up and I don’t mean by putting on pounds. A moderate walk can help you burn 68 calories in about 20 minutes. Now if you add a little extra activity likewater, bottle, pet, animal throwing a frisbee or playing ball you’re revving up your metabolism even more.

So keep up those walks and remember your dog is always ready and willing to go out for any activity. A survey done by the University of Missouri reported that when pet owners walk their dogs they increase their speed whether they realized it or not.

So take your water bottle and one for your pet and get walking. Take hikes or long walks or play catch on the beach whatever is fun for you and your animal.

Just keep moving.


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