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Teaching your pet tricks

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Would you like to teach your pet a few simple tricks? It’s fun and the kids will enjoy it as well. You will need to have treats handy to reward your pet when he has done the command.
Be in a quiet place and devote only 10-15 minutes to the training.  Always praise your pet and provide a small treat. If your pet becomes too excited he will lose his concentration and you will need to try again another time.
The first step is getting your pet to give you his paw. Have him sit then take your pet’s paw in your hand and say the”paw”. Give him a small treat and repeat the exercise. Do this a few times then don’t take his paw and say “paw”. If he looks confused just repeat the exercise until he gives you his paw on his own.
Don’t become angry or frustrated with your pet he wants to please you. Just continue the exercise and usually after 2-4 sessions the dog will pick it up.

If you want him to do a “high five” you will be doing a similar exercise as above. Start in a quiet setting, 10-15 minutes only then hold a treat in your hand raise it slightly higher than asking for your pet’s paw. Now your pet will think you’re asking for his paw but as he raises his paw you say “high five” and give him a treat. Praise him and continue the exercise- repeat until your pet has mastered the trick.

Keep in mind some pets learn faster than others so don’t become disillusioned. Your pet can sense if your annoyed or angry so remain calm and your pet will eventually master the trick.

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