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Training ideas For your pet

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As a pet owner, it is essential when you bring your puppy home to start training immediately. You need a good idea and a plan.

It’s not so much the kind of obedience training you do with your animal, but actually doing any training. Many pets that your family or friends own are probably not trained well, if at all.  No one wants to enter a home with a large dog jumping or snapping at them and barking as if they were intruders.

Now depending on your lifestyle and schedule, there are several ideas about training. You can enroll in a class, or if money is no object send the dog away to be trained, training on your own which gives you and your pet a bonding experience and you establish yourself as the alpha male/female. Lastly working with a trainer.

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There is a device using ultrasonic sound a handheld battery operated tool that will train your pet from jumping, barking, digging etc. All those fun thing dogs love to do. It works on most animals and is effective.

It certainly is easier than training with “clickers, crates and other time-consuming techniques. The ultrasonic tool is said to speed up the training process.

But whatever technique you use always have patience and praise. When your pet does a command right- give them a treat. Dogs will be very eager to please you and a plus is they will be rewarded with a treat. Once the command has been learned you can cut back on the treats.

I trained my Lab that way and it worked!

Good luck with your training and enjoy your new addition to your family.

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