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Cats bad breath

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Our pets all have bad breath and sometimes it can be overpowering, and like your pets counterparts humans, their bad breath is also caused by bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria build up is usually associated with tartar around your feline’s teeth. You can see the tartar because it has a yellow color around the gum line. Now if you are health conscious pet owner you may try and brush your cat’s teeth which I must say would be a major challenge.

If you choose to go the route of brushing your pet’s teeth you would need to purchase a mechanical toothbrush because the motion is important to wear away the tartar.Once the tartar is removed there will be no more bad breath. Now there is a much easier way to help control and remove tartar from building up.  Food. There are several cat foods that are made to reduce and control tartar.

With dogs, its much easier just weekly give them a hard bone to chew preferably a marrow bone and that will prevent any tartar buildup plus your dog will enjoy the treat. No fuss. A happy pet and pet owner.

Developing bacteria in your pet’s mouth is sometimes due to diet. If you feed your animal healthy foods it will make a huge difference. As a pet owner that loves to give your cat/dog a treat make sure it is made to help to control tartar

On a final note- if you see that your cat has no tartar and has bad breath then perhaps it’s a health issue. It would be wise to visit your veterinarian and have your pet checked out and see what is causing the bad breath.





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