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Chronic pet wounds

Chronic pet wounds can be worrisome and costly to the pet owner. And if you’re like me I don’t have the finances to keep running to the vet every few weeks.  So I did some research and found that Zymox Topical is the second best thing to going to the vet. Now I have written about your pets ear infections and how Zymox gel is great to prevent an ear infection and also the start of one. Of courses, if your pet is having a lot of trouble with his ears then medical attention should be immediate.

I have a German Shepherd who as she has aged has developed a terrible habit of chewing the hair off her paw down to the bone. Drives me crazy. Well, Zymox Topical spray does the trick.  It provides inflammation relief and you can use it for wounds, cuts, and infections. It works like a charm on her wound.  It heals and closes the wound until she picks another spot and then we do it all over again.

So if you have a cat or dog that does the same thing- try Zymox instead of running to the vet and save yourself time and money.

If you have questions or want to add a comment please feel free to do so. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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