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Crate training your pet

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So you brought your new puppy home and now the fun begins. Personally speaking, I believe crate training is one of the best and effective ways to train your new pet. It is easy and effective. The idea behind crate training is that an animal will do whatever it takes to avoid dirtying where they eat and sleep training themselves to hold their instinct to urinate whenever they need to.

The dog will consider the crate as his “den and it serves as a secure place.

The key to being successful is a good routine by confining the puppy to a small area of the house so you can control its environment making sure you have food, water something soft to sleep on with a few toys so as the dog won’t become bored. There like a toddler so in the beginning don’t expect miracles. The pup will make mistakes. Provide praise every time your pet eliminates in the established area and avoid any anger or frustration when the dog makes a mistake.

Confine your puppy in its crate when you can’t supervise the animal. Crate training is very different than confining to a particular room. When you return home remove the puppy from the crate and take him/her out to its designated area to soil. Praise and provide treats to reinforce that this is where you want him to soil.

Never leave your dog in the crate for long periods of time this can confuse the animal and you are then forcing your pet to dirty where he/she sleeps. The crate is a tool to use not for punishment or for leaving the animal in it for extended periods of time.  If you do you will be setting your training backward and you will fail. It’s up to the owner remember you are the alpha dog so you need to see the rules.

After a meal, your puppy will need to eliminate himself so be on alert. After about 10-15 minutes take them to their area and allow them to go. Give them a little time as they will want to explore and sniff around, they are discovering their world outside the home. Repeat the procedure praise and provide a treat and continue with the routine. If you are consistent your pup will learn quickly what you want him/her to do. They just want to please you.  Remember they are creatures of habit.

While outside play with or take them for a walk or just let them roam as long as you have them on a leash for their safety.

There will be times when they will have accidents in the crate just clean it up and understand that your pet still hasn’t grasped what you expect of them. If you leave them unsupervised expect accidents, Don’t strike the animal or stick its nose in it. That’s old school. Their attention is brief so if you don ‘t catch them in the act they will forget what they did and be confused by your behavior.

As they get older you may find that they will go voluntarily to their crate for comfort. Some animals may not like the crate after training so don”t expect them to visit it often, Every dog is different. The important factor is to use the crate as a training tool and be consistent with the training. If you are an erratic owner don”t expect success with your animal. He/she is taking your lead. Remember there are no bad dogs..just bad owners.

Enjoy your wonderful loving pet and cherish the love and devotion that they give to you.


Watch for next blog post. It is on the type of crate to use.

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