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Dangers of Chocolate and Your Pet


chocolate, pets, dangersHalloween is tomorrow and all the kiddies are excited and getting ready to trick or treat.  As parents, we watch and inspect what candies our children will eat on Halloween but sometimes as pet owners we forget our pets.
Most dog owners know that they shouldn’t let their pet eat chocolate but often during this time there are pet food poisoning cases that jump because of Halloween candy.

We human love chocolate but a small amount of it can be fatal to our animals. So be vigilant where you put the stash of candy so that your pet can’t get into it.
Some symptoms if your pet has eaten some chocolate are vomiting, increased thirst, panting, stomach troubles and other symptoms.
I am enclosing a link so that you can read further on the danger of chocolate and your pet.
Otherwise, have a wonderful fun safe day with your children.


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