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Do You Love Your Pet?

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Do you love your pet?  Of course, you do and they love us back a thousand times more. The pet owners bond can be very strong.  Dogs, unlike cats, need more attention. They thrive on making us happy and will do just about anything for their owner or family member. They are so easy to make happy- just love them! Play with them for a little while and you have made their day and yours as well. Studies have shown owning a pet lowers your blood pressure and lightens up your mood. That’s why they use them as therapy dogs. I have personally seen seniors brighten up when a therapy dog comes to visit.

Feeding your dog a well-balanced meal is important to keep their weight balanced and health good. An overweight animal develops problems as they age. As the animal ages, you need to provide more calcium in their food to protect their bones and joints. Giving them a supplement of glucosamine daily will help ease the stiffness in their joints as they age. Just like the pet owner who visits their doctor you should have your pet visit every 6 months a veterinarian.

Keep up with their shots and anti-flea medication up to date and you will have a healthy happy pet. Your animal loves you more than his life…..isn’t he/she worth taking a little extra care of them.


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