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Do you you have overactive pet?

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Do you have an overactive pet?  Well so do I. My Bella in the photo here is a large 115 lb Labrador who is extremely active. She is 5 years old and should be calming down-but I have discovered that’s is not accurate. Many labs remain active up until 7 years,

Bella thinks I am her own personal playmate and is constantly by my side carrying her ball around in her mouth to play. Whenever I sit down in my recliner there is a ball or some other toy that she plops in my lap.  So I searched and discovered a great toy that not only stimulates her but keeps her occupied until she exhausts herself.

When this toy Our Pets Buster Food Cube arrived I optimistic yet hesitant the toy would work.  When it arrived my hopes were dashed because I thought-no way is she going to be occupied by this toy. Well, I was wrong!

The first day I filled the cube with little bits of her treats and some kibble. I didn’t fill it as I am watching her weight. Labs LOVE to Eat. But I filled it halfway. She sniffed it and then ignored it. So I thought well that was wasted money down the tubes but then I realized she had no idea what was in it. So I shook the cube which made noise and she watched me intently when a few pieces fell out and she gobbled them up.

Now, as soon as I put the cube down she was off and running with it. She loves it. She pushes it around and now she figured out how to get the treats out by picking it up with her teeth and then dropping the cube. There is an adjustment where you can make it more difficult for the treats to fall out. But I have it where it is rather easy for her for now.

After all the treats have emptied out she is exhausted and sleeps.  So if any of you have an active dog really try this toy. I love it and so does Bella.

As always if you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will gladly respond


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