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Ear infections and your pet


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Does your pet get recurring ear infections?. Ear infections are very the common in a dog that has “floppy ears”. Bacteria will thrive in moist areas and what better place than your pet’s ears.

My lab has chronic ear trouble and after making continued costly visits to the vet I found a great product that works to clear up any start of an ear infection.

I will mention however it’s important to keep the ears clean from any debris that may get into your animal’s ears when playing outside. I have found cleaning the ears once a week helps keep my pet from developing an ear infection.

Zymox is excellent to use. It also comes in a cleaner. When you begin to notice your pet having problems like shaking their head, scratching the ears or tilting their head slightly to one side that’s an indication of trouble.

Applying Zymox to the infected ear once a day for 7-10 days will clear up the infection. Of course, if it’s bad then you need to get them to a vet immediately. This will help clear up an infection only on the rise once it has escalated you need to seek medical attention.

Zymox relieves inflammation and I personally use it with Hydrocortisone 0.5%. You have the option to purchase it without Hydrocortisone. I recommend it with Hydrocortisone it helps relieve itching and pain.

You can purchase online or at some pet stores,  but I have found it cheaper online.

You can get it here on Amazon you won’t be sorry. infections, remedies http://amzn.to/2C1DLCf

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