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Foods that are toxic to your pet


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Did you know that certain foods are toxic to your pet? We all love to share a little of our food with our pets at times especially around the holidays.  And I am sure as a force of habit, you place some food scraps into their dish never considering that it could harm your animal.

Although garlic and onions are good for humans that is not the case for pets. So if any scraps contain them I would avoid giving it to your dog/cat. Raisins in some puddings can also be a problem. Tasty to humans raisins can be toxic to animals. In some cases, it can cause kidney failure and the sweetness of them usually contains artificial sweeteners which can be deadly to your pet. Even some sugar-free treats can be a problem. Sugar-free candies are another no-n0. It is extremely poisonous even in small amounts and can cause liver disease or worse.   Scary!

Certain vegetables are off limits as well. My Lab, for instance, loves string beans which are tasty to any dog and a good filler if you are attempting to cut your pet’s calories but don’t feed them cauliflower, broccoli, or even brussels sprouts. These veggies are very hard to digest for your pet due to their high fiber content. Most dogs can handle vegetables but I would be cautious and ask your vet for a  little guidance.

 Lastly, stay away from dairy.  Cats and dogs seem to have a difficult time digesting cheese, ice cream, and milk. Although I am sure your pet loves it, it can give them diarrhea. And remember chocolate is also a no-no.   

Otherwise, share those scraps of food and let your pet have a taste of the upcoming holidays.   

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