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Gift of jewelry


Christmas gift,braceletGive the gift of jewelry this Christmas. Shopping for Christmas gifts can be stressful and the anxiety many people feel just attempting to get the perfect gift can be overwhelming. Not sure about clothing because size and style can be difficult.  Fragrance is sometimes easier especially if the person you plan to buy for has mentioned a favorite perfume. Men are easy..just give them after shave cologne and most men will be happy. Of course, there are those that prefer a particular scent and brand. Then you would need to do a little research.

But jewelry…Ahh, that’s an ideal Christmas gift. Just about any woman loves jewelry from bracelets to rings, earrings, and necklaces. Some like large pieces of jewelry or a vintage look. And there are those that like a delicate sleek look. But you can’t go wrong when you gift them an expandable bracelet especially if they are an animal lover .Give them a bracelet with a small” paw print”  or a” woof sign”. My favorite is the” hair completes the outfit”. I always have hair somewhere on my clothing.  It happens when you have pets and is unavoidable.

The hair just completes the outfit!     expandable bracelet, charms, pet

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