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Herbs to treat your pets infection.

Have you noticed that your pet has the start of an infection? Here are two natural herbs that you can safely use for your sick pet. Herbs are natural and a great alternative to chemicals and medications. Of course, if the infection is serious then a vet visit is a must. But these herbs can save you some money if you catch the infection in the early stages.

Have you noticed if your pet has a crustiness or watery discharge around his eye? Or perhaps your pet is constantly rubbing his eye?. This can be the beginning of an eye infection.

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Well here is an inexpensive safe way to help clear up the infection without going to a vet. But keep in mind this is only at the beginning stage otherwise I would seek medical attention. You can use a goldenseal tea bag as a wash for the eye.  Just be sure to buy the cultivated type. If you can’t find goldenseal you can also use Eyebright.  Let the water cool and strain the tea bag well then gently apply to the animals eye several times a day. Never rub just pat the eye with the tea bag.  If after a few days you see no improvement then seek medical attention.

Or you can use Echinacea tincture in a low dose. Put 5-10 drops in your pets’ water 3 to 5 times a day. If your pet won’t drink the water add the drops to his food. Just mix a little water with the drops and mix it into your animals food. Remember to adjust the dosage according to your pet’s weight. The usual dosage on the label is meant for humans. You can find these products either online or at your local health food store.

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