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How I give my cat medicine

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It’s not easy giving medicine to your cat. But this is how I do it. If your veterinarian gives you a prescription for pills here is how I give my cat her pills. I crush the pill into a powder using two spoons.¬† If you feed your pet wet or dry food you can add the powder to the wet food mix it and presto your pet will eat it.

If you feed your pet dry food add the powder to the wet food then mix the two together and add it to the dry. Your cat will love it.

However, if you get a capsule you can use a handy device called pet piller. It works great. It is like a plunger. You set the capsule in the pet¬†piller, hold your cat’s mouth open and press. The pill is then inserted into your pet’s mouth and he swallows it. A very easy way to give your cat medicine.

Or lastly, you can give the medicine by hand. A difficult task I am sure and I would have someone help you. Hold your cat and get his mouth open. Then put the pill or capsule in your cats mouth close it and hold it until your cat swallows it. Then give them a treat and do it all over again when its time.

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