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Kids and fish as pets

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 Kids are always fascinated with fish and the way they just seem to float in the water. Have you ever noticed how kids are drawn to a fish tank in a store or restaurant?   Fish can be great as a  pet because they’re the easiest to care for and they don’t require a lot of room.
The only problem is some kids can lose interest fast in their new pet. Think about it your child will only stay mesmerized for a certain period of time then lose interest. The fish can’t run, play ball, or do any of the other things another pet can do. Yet, fish can be a perfect pet especially if you are attempting to teach your child some responsibility.
A fish as a pet will teach your child to care for a living creature and learn that the fish is relying on him for their survival.
A fish is a really good idea especially if your child gets bored easily or is on the go with school activities. This pet will also help the parent because fish are easy to care for and there is no fear of any other child being hurt around them.

Just remember to take care of them don’t just drop the fish in the tank, and of course, don’t remove them from the tank. The fish will need to be fed daily and their water needs to be kept clean. This can be a fun enjoyable experience for both you and your child. Just consider the type of fish, the size of the tank and of course where you place the tank in your home. keep it away from heavy traffic to prevent the tank from falling or being bumped into.

You can place it near sunlight but not on a windowsill. That would cause the water to turn green which would cause you to change the water often which isn’t always a good idea.  constantly changing the water can cause stress to the fish changing their environment. If you have no other place to put the tank and it will be in direct sunlight- make sure to close the curtains to block the suns rays.

Teach your child how to feed his new pet and emphasize that feeding the fish too much can cause the fish to die. Supervise your child until you feel comfortable that he has it the feeding amount down and the fish can turn out to be the perfect pet for your child.





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