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Rhinestone Dog Collar


collar, dog, blingGo ahead…add a little bling to your pet’s neck. Why not dress up your dog? Rhinestones, gems, and other decorative wear have become the rage lately with pet owners. There are gemstones and rhinestones adorned on leather collars along with personalized names and floral colorful designs. The animals are walking proudly with their owners draped in classy outfits and with some bling around their neck.

Now animals really don’t care what type of collar is around their neck but the pet owner does. Some owners I have seen have worn the same color as their pet. Just imagine your cat or dog taking a stroll with you wearing a glittery collar and his/her name shines brightly when the sun or light hits it. A sight to behold.

Or you can have a collar with just the initials that sparkle or charms added to match your bracelet. Many pet owners treat their pets like their own children and want them to look nice and elegant. The colors are varied and can actually be matched to the pet’s personality. Pink, purple, or blue, for example, would be great for a small cat or dog. Where red, black, or green would best suit a medium size dog.

Color coordinated leash or harness would just top it off with perhaps a cozy jacket or warm booties while walking your pet during the fall season. Collars are an easy fit and can be removed to change charms or bells that may be on the pet’s collar.

So if you are thinking of adding a little piazza to your pet’s neck for the coming holidays…consider a rhinestone collar for a dressy look.

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