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Shelter for feral cats


cat shelter, homemadeIt’s that time of year again and as animal lovers, we need to care about our extended┬ávisitors who may be wandering around our neighborhood. I personally have noticed that a feral cat that has been meandering around my home and my neighbors now has three little ones following her. It breaks my heart to see these animals wandering around looking for shelter and food with winter knocking at our doors.

I don’t understand how anyone with a heart can abandon an animal but it happens. So we animal lovers must gather together and come to their aid. Especially if you live in the Northern States like I do. The winters can be extremely harsh and the cats have difficulty locating a safe dry place to sleep.

So I am asking every animal lover if you have just one cat that belongs to no one roaming your neighborhood, please make an inexpensive cat shelter for them. Usually, when you see one there are more. I made one and I must admit it was easy. I am enclosing a link that walks you through the procedure.

If you need further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

feral cats, shelters, homemadehttp://alleycatadvocates.org/communitycat-care-center/creating-winter-shelters/

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