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Stages of growth in your cats life

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Have you ever wondered about the stage of growth your cat goes through? There are a few important stages in a cats growth.

1- You have the kitten stage where their just like infants relying on their mother for food and protection. Usually, around 4 weeks the kittens are up and moving around rather unsteady on their legs playing with the others in the litter. You can teach them to use the litter pan and get them acquainted with dealing with people. Socialization is very important for your kitten it teaches them how to interact with people and provides a well-rounded pet. You can feed them kitten food dry or wet and don’t forget to provide water.

2- Around six weeks the kitten will look to explore their environment and discover new things. They will roam the rooms of your home jumping and getting into everything. Just like a toddler who can’t help but touch everything in their new world. Soon your kitten, when it has reached about eight to nine weeks old, is ready now to go to a loving new family.

The coming months the kittens will grow rapidly and if you want them to be protected you will need to get them vaccinated so they grow to be healthy, strong and free of disease.

With patience, you can teach your cat some manners especially if they are going to be a part of your family. They can learn their name and some simple commands.

If you plan on brushing your cat, start early so they become accustomed to it or you will have a time of it when they are older.

3- Some cats at the age of six months will develop a slight attitude..just like a child. They are maturing and this may happen until they are about a year old. They will continue to keep their cheery playful disposition but may get a bit aggressive with other animals.

It is wise to have your cat spayed/ neutered usually around six months but check with your Vet for a safe time to do that. For many reasons spaying or neutering is best for the cat and you as the pet owner, plus it helps the cat glide into adulthood smoother.

When your cat has reached adulthood and you have taken good care of him he will be a wonderful companion and can live up to twenty years old. Unlike feral cats who are not loved or taken care of and are exposed to extreme temperatures, life can be shortened by many years for them.

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