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Toys and Gadgets for your pet

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Don’t leave your pet out of the gift giving process here are a few interesting gadgets that you will enjoy as well as your pet. If you have a dog or cat then your an animal lover and we love to spend time with our pets but we do need to attend to the necessities of life. So why not look into a really neat gadget called ” PetKit Smar”. It’s a great App that you can install on your phone and it does amazing things.
Such as- giving out treats, and your pet can even hear your voice via speakers. A truly innovative idea!

If you have a pet that loves to chew and you would prefer he stay away from your shoes, slippers etc than try “Playology”. It’s a great toy that has embedded tantalizing scents in the toy. Its durable and your pet will be kept occupied for hours.

Love to go for a ride on your bicycle? Well, now you can bring your furry friend along with you. “Pet Ego Universal Bike Cycleash” permits you to attach your dog safely to your bike and you both can enjoy the exercise. A great idea and it doesn’t tangle or interfere with your bikes wheels.

Or you may like the “GoDogGoself Fetch Machine. This nifty machine will shoot tennis balls to your pet
automatically. This is wonderful especially if your dog loves to play fetch. They have safe tennis balls designed for your pet so there easy on his teeth. Regular tennis balls will wear and are not made for consistent catching.

I hope these were helpful and gave you some ideas as gifts for someone you know who has a pet or for your pet. Happy playing

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