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Want a pet? Get a cat.

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Want a pet? get a cat. Are you considering a cat for a pet? Many people consider getting a pet for their family or themselves but aren’t sure what type of pet would be good for them. If you ask them what pet they are considering they may just shake their head smile and say ” I’m not sure yet. As a dog lover, I will always pitch my point of view in regards to the rewards a dog will provide. Loyalty, companionship, there just a pure joy to have around and always provide a chuckle but then I think- cats can provide the same joy as a dog.

To be fair I will point out some of the benefits of choosing a cat. Felines can be perfect for pet owners since they are very independent animals. They don’t require as much work as a dog like making sure they are let out when needed, then someone has to be home a lot during the training period. With a cat, you train them to go into the litter pan keep it clean leave food and water out for them a few toys and they will entertain themselves. There ideal for busy people.

Cats are quiet animals, unlike dogs. Most cats are sociable and love to be around people dogs do as well but sometimes they can be a loud and pesty. Cats will greet you quietly when you arrive home and show in their own way how happy they are to see you. My daughter has five cats and as soon as she enters her house after work they swarm around her purring and rubbing up against her. I am always amazed when I witness it. Unlike my two dogs who bark with excitement demanding my attention.

Cats just require less work than dogs.  If you asked a cat owner they will tell you how loving and social there feline is. So if you are considering getting a pet look into the many benefits each animal provides and what your needs are and how much attention you can give them. Of course, it’s not fair to a dog if you leave them alone all day. If you are a busy person it would be in your best interest to get a cat. There not as needy as a dog and a cat can help reduce your stress just like a dog.

Are you a cat owner? Comments welcome

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