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Your Cats Health

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Cats are resilient animals but they too have their health problems like their fellow dogs. Their paw pads like a dog are pretty thick and they are made of fat and tissue which helps to protect the paw from shock and offers traction and balance when needed. Your furry feline like the other animals will hide any signs of pain so noticing your pet’s movements can be difficult.

Limping or swelling of their paw even excessive licking can often be the first sign of trouble This could be a signal that they are having issues with their paw pads. The pads are pretty tough but can be damaged. Could your cat have an issue with cracked paw pads?   The majority of felines are indoor animals so there is a low percentage of pad damage however if you let your cat out for long periods of time especially in the heat or dead of winter then problems can ensue. When exposed to the elements the animal can experience cracked pads due to rough surfaces, chemicals they come across even perfumed litter can cause problems. Some foods can be the culprit due to an allergy.

A few signs to be alert to limping, bleeding, hair loss on the foot, excessive licking. If you are able to try and examine your cats paw every two weeks to prevent any paw troubles.  If you have a cat that is overweight that can become an issue causing foot problems.  Don’t permit your pet to remain outdoors in extreme weather since that can contribute to damage to the pad. As always take care of the health of your pet and both you and your furry companion will be happy. And when in doubt about your pet’s health seek medical attention. An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure and will become less costly to your wallet.

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